Les journées du Patrimoine or European heritage days

18th & 19th September 2021

During the European heritage days, the mausoleum of the Duke of Brissac,
the emblematic neoclassical building above the park, will be open to visitors.

Special opening of the structures highlighted.

Practical information: 
Opening times : from 10 AM to 5.30 PM (last entry)
Single reduced rate : 8,50€ – free for children under 18
No guided tours, free access to the park, (sorry, no animals)

Christmas market in the Chateau de Brissac


One of the most ancient and original Christmas markets in western France. Each year The Chateau welcome this Christmas market and faithful visitors.  

You will experience the magic of Christmas trees, decorations and the aroma of brioches, chocolate and mulled wine.

Beneath the Venetian chandeliers of the Golden drawing room and the wonderful painted ceiling of the guard’s room, craftspeople from all over the country come to present their wooden toys, decorative items and precious dishes to bright-eyed little princes and princesses.

Practical information: 
Adults: single reduced rate 8€50
Children (from 2 to 12) : 2€
On Saturday at 2:30 PM you can witness the extraordinary arrival of Father Christmas. He will be in the chateau all week end to welcome the children.
60 art exhibitors – Free shows: magical shows, throw of candies, Christmas snacks.
Dogs are not allowed in the Chateau and pushchair must be let at the tent at the foot of the chateau. 
It is not necessary to reserve.

Les chiens sont interdits dans le château et les poussettes doivent être laissées dans la tente au pied du château.

A nos amis artisans qui souhaiteraient participer, merci de nous envoyer votre demande par mail ou par courrier avant fin juillet. Chaque demande sera étudiée par le comité de sélection et une réponse sera donnée fin septembre.

Magical Christmas Decorations


During the Christmas holidays come and admire the sumptuous Christmas decorations and illuminations which are installed throughout the tour of the château.

Practical information: 
Every day (except 25th December and 1st January and tuesdays)
2 guided tours each afternoon at 2PM and 4PM
Single reduced rate: 8,50€
Free for children under 16

The Flower festival arrangement

8 & 11 April 2022

Marriage of grace and history, but also of fresh flowers and historical stones, this unique competition in France, celebrates with splendor the arrival of spring.

In the chateau’s salons and galleries, 25 competitors – talented professional florists and their assistants – will have to use their imagination to produce as many works, shaped by their expert hands. Monumental, ephemeral and unique, the work must respect the theme chosen for the 2020 edition: “Art Deco and Roaring Twenties”. Organized by the Angevine Piverdie Society, this competition showcases floral art in a historic setting that enhances it. During four days, the public is invited to walk freely in the castle. Each visitor receives a ballot with which he can express his preference for electing the composition which will be awarded, at the end of the competition, the prestigious Coup de Coeur Public Prize.

Practical information: 
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last admission)
12 € – 8 to 16 years old 04.50 € – Under 8 years old free
Including the visit of the castle and the parkland.
It is not necessary to book in advance

Great Venetian Party

Spring 2022

For the second time in Anjou, the Venice Carnival will meet in Brissac.

Come and relive the Magic, Eccentricity and Authenticity of 18th century Venetian festivals as if you were on the banks of the Grand Canal or in the ballroom and garden of an Italian palace.  By a nice May’s weekend, the parkland, lounges and ceremonial rooms of Brissac welcome 80 actors in period costume surrounded with baroque music for a sumptuous reconstruction of the great festive hours that enchanted Venice 300 years ago years .

Dances in costume on the lawns, wanderings, skits and masked role-playing games are all surprises that await visitors around each room “of the highest castle in France”.  An ephemeral painting, like a work of renaissance sublimated by the genius of Vivaldi and the talent of the artists of the International Art Fusion Association – Venetian Fugue.

Practical information: 
From 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (last admission). 
Prices: € 12 – € 4.50 from 8 years old to 16 years old – Free for children under 8 years old.
It is not necessary to book in advance.

Les Montgolfiades


The park of Brissac welcomes our friendly pilots aerostiers time for a flight Saturday night from the lawns of the monument, at the feet of its impressive facades and 18 fireplaces!

Twenty balloons, weather permitting, take off in the sunset of this summer evening for a beautiful trip over the vineyards of Anjou and the Loire islands.

Practical information: 
Opening grids at 6 pm – Free
For more information please visit: http://www.arcencieldanjou.com

Great Easter egg hunt


Bring your family to the Chateau de Brissac for an afternoon of tasty treats, play and cultural activities.

Each year, on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, adults and children can hunt for more than 50.000 chocolate eggs hidden in the undergrowth and gardens of the park of the chateau!

The chateau opens its doors to families to discover it’s staterooms, historical bedchamber and theatre.

A drawing contest is organised in the grand gallery for all children.

To extend this relaxing family time, you will be offered a delicious drink of madeleine and grenadine syrup proposed.

Practical information: 
From 2PM to 5PM.
Prices:  include in the entrance fee for the visit of the chateau and the park.
Adults 10€ – Children from 2 to 12 yo : 2€
It is not necessary to reserve.